About Me

Jorge Luis P,  MA Ed., BA Ed.  

Jorge’s formal training is in education, social psychology, and cognitive sciences. For the past 8 years, he has been devoted to entheogenic religions, psychedelic education and integration. He considers himself a psychedelic educator, psycho-spiritual advisor, individual guide, and small group leader for psychedelic explorations, education and integration.

Jorge uses an eclectic approach towards healing works, traumas, and the use of psychedelics; incorporating spiritual practices, energy work, psychosomatic, breath-work and sound healing.

Jorge’s own personal healing journey, life experiences, therapeutic and spiritual practice all contribute to his traditional and non-traditional approach to this work.

Jorge has a personal passion for plant medicines, esoteric teachings, religions and psychedelic medicines. He has a long-standing interest in and deep respect for plant medicines, entheogens, and indigenous wisdom and healing practices. He is grateful for the lineage of elders, ancestors, healers, shamans and teachers who came before him, who taught him, and who make this work possible. 

He considers himself a lifelong student of cross-cultural spiritual and shamanic teachings. His spirituality is rooted in the spiritual  and religious practices of Brazilian Ayahuasca, Umbanda and the Andes spirit medicines.  

Jorge is trilingual, fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English. He is passionate about connecting people to medicine works and communities here in the United States and in South America. Jorge also advocates for the safe and legal use of entheogens for all. He has had much success, in particular, working with Veterans and the LGBTQ community to heal from their invisible wounds. 

Certificatión & Training

  • B.A. Education @ USACH Chile.
  • M.A. Education  & Cognitive Sciences @ NYU
  • Shamanic and Christian Ceremonial healing works. Brazil/Chile/USA
  • Foundations in MDMA and Psilocybin safety, therapeutic applications and research @ Psychedelic.Support
  • Traditional and Tibetan Reiki.
  • Experimental Sound Healing.
  • Certified Ketamine and Psychedelic Medicine Training @ PRATI
  • Psychedelic Assisted Therapies  Certified by Naropa University