We all know that working with psychedelics benefits from different approaches and creativity. This work continues to evolve. 
In order to improve our knowledge and develop new skills in working with psychedelic medicines, we need to always keep learning and adapting our work, integrating innovative approaches and views from other’s experiences.    
An essential part of this learning process is collaborating with practitioners from different backgrounds.  Sharing ideas, protocols, and other key elements can only further ensure safe and successful psychedelic journeys.
Here are just a few of the people with whom I have collaborated in my work with psychedelics:

Veronica Moreno
Medicines woman, psychedelic’s explorer, Biodecodification Master, facilitator and guide for healing rituals.

Miguel Angel Shawã Beru Isarewe

Musician and therapist with medicines from the animals and plants kingdom. Apprentice of paje Pae Nawa and the ancestral knowlegde of Huni Kuin people. Student of traditional indigenous medicine. More than 25 years as musician and more than 3 years facilitating ceremonies with sacred songs in portuguese language.


Diego Bravo

Talented musician from the Andean mountains of Ecuador, who has been playing spiritual healing music since childhood.  In his sound healing sessions Diego  explores how sound frequencies  positively  impact  our physical bodies  and our emotions. He uses his intuitive capabilities to curate unique experience for each individual. Some of the instruments that he plays are the charango, trigons, crystal pyramids, tongue drum, abuelo flute, Andean ocarina, shamanic drums, zen therapeutic bowls, gongs, and tuning forks. Diego’s mission is to help others heal and discover their own healing powers through sound.


Claudia Vaisman Angulo

Coach, Transpersonal therapist and mindfulness advisor. Certified in Psychedelics assisted therapies at Naropa University, Colorado. More than  9 years dedicated to work with groups and individuals that are looking to reconnect with their own nature to cope and with life in a gracious way,  She also advises people to deepen their relationships, grow and find purpose in this world.


Jaime Ojeda

My study of Iyengar Yoga began in 2003 in Valle del Elqui (Chilean Andes), since then I have deepened my knowledge in Brazil with Deborah Weinberg, 2004 also in India with Sharat Arora  2005 in the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center, with Alan Brown 2005 in Goa, Rudra Gowda  2006 in Rishikesh, And with Usha Devi  2006/2007 at Patanjala Yoga Kendra. In the year 2008 I started the training to become certified by the International Iyengar Yoga Association.. Currently teaching Nirvana Yoga and Ananda Yoga in Rio-Brazil.


Alvaro Encalada
Designer of Psychodelic multimedia content.

Web development and design with experience in working with images and multimedia flyers; integrating music and motion (Gift format) for psychedelic and alternative medicines events and information.