Proper preparation for psychedelic experiences decreases the chances for a “bad” or “negative” journey. It also protects both the user and the facilitator from unfortunate situations that can be easily prevented. Psychological and physical risks can be nearly eliminated if the right information is learned before experiencing the medicines.   

The right preparation before a psychedelic experience also increases the benefits associated with any psychedelic experience itself, it sets the intentions, expectations and understanding of the experience that is about to happen. 

A preparation session is key to understanding the variety of experiences available. There is great value in knowing what are the different formats and rituals, and to define your personal intentions in order to prepare yourself physically and emotionally for a psychedelic experience.

The goal of this preparation process is to share information, clarify intent, establish reasonable expectations and clear out any misunderstandings or wrong ideas you may have about psychedelic rituals, spiritual works, and therapies. It is also an opportunity to discuss the importance and details regarding Set and Setting. 

Set and Setting:

The scientific, clinical, and spiritual literature on the use of psychedelics emphasizes the importance of “set” and “setting”, which, when thoughtfully incorporated, are integral to gaining the greatest therapeutic benefit, maintaining ethical boundaries, and avoiding untoward effects.

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