Thank you for taking a conscious step toward your education, safety and mindfulness concerning psychedelics.


If you have questions about psychedelics, the different traditions and approaches or clinical settings, you can book a 60 minute educational conversation here.

The service I offer is to educate, support and empower individuals to make safe and informed decisions regarding psychedelic experiences, microdosing and therapy.  Please note that I do not provide illegal drugs or refer to underground providers of any kind. 

Read the FAQ’s / disclaimer / cancellations to clarify any questions about my service.

Consultations are $80 per 60 minute session.

Regular fee consultations: pay via Paypal or submit payment through Venmo @thehealingmolecules.

Please payment confirmation to upon booking to confirm your appointment.

Upon booking and payment you will receive an immediate confirmation email with all call details, and a reminder 48 hours prior to your session.

Confidentiality and ethical boundaries are maintained throughout.

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